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Hard House

Hard House

Mabel – Disco Disco (Nick Sentience Remix) (2000)

EDMclassics | April 21, 2021

Mabel was an Italian Euro House/Italodance project with Paolo Ferrali as singer and frontman. The group are renowned for their singles Disco Disco, Bum Bum and Don’t Let Me Down. They had reached the top of the sales chart in Italy, France, Germany and Austria. From 2000 until now the group had performed more than 100 […]

Hard House

Yomanda – Synth & Strings (Original Mix) (1998)

EDMclassics | March 19, 2021

Paul Masterson is a Northern Irish DJ and record producer, originally from Belfast and now living in London. He is best known for recording as Yomanda, Hi-Gate, Amen! UK, The Clergy and others. Paul is more recognised under his most successful moniker Yomanda. He has produced all manner of House styles from Euro […]

Hard House

Tony de Vit – The Dawn (Original Mix) (2000)

EDMclassics | February 19, 2021

Anthony de Vit  was an English DJ and music producer and is considered one of the most influential of his generation. He was credited with helping to take the “hard house” and fast “hard NRG” sounds out of the London gay scene and into mainstream clubs. His single “Burning Up” […]

Hard House

Klubbheads – Klubbhopping (Extended Mix) (1996)

EDMclassics | January 28, 2021

Klubbheads (Koen Groeneveld & Addy van der Zwan) is a team of dance music producers and DJs from the Netherlands. They have more than 40 aliases for their recordings, including Hi_Tack, DJ Disco and Drunkenmunky. “Klubbhopping” became their first mainstream hit single peaking at #10 on the UK singles charts. In 1999 they co-produced “The Launch” for compatriot DJ Jean, […]

Hard House

Mario Piu’ – Communication (Yomanda Remix) (1999)

EDMclassics | January 21, 2021

Mario Più (Mario Piperno) is an Italian professional disc jockey and founder of Fahrenheit Music. His 1999 single, “Communication”, also known as “The Communication Song”, is notable for being mainly constructed from the interference caused on improperly shielded audio equipment when a GSM mobile telephone rings nearby. The single reached #5 on the UK charts in 1999. […]